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If I had a Dollar for every question you asked I’d have….1…..2……3….4…5…6… 6 dollars!!!!!!!!!

a dollar for every question

ok don’t shoot me, i do not count the 3rd “question” as a question so there 😛

So to answer the  first question having the internet at my disposal is pretty nice.  so far it has helped me through school nicely. my dictionary app has kept me on my toes with word of the day app  and staved off bordeom in class with most of the games. W hat i really want to rid myself of are the demos they…. make …. me …… ANGRY! they take up space if not small and could be used for anything i wanted.

the second question…. if i could have a second to go review the page…. well i need music. if i could not have music then i might go crazy. More than half my phone is taken over with musical apps. one section of the home area has almost all music related apps and the only thing that  is a little less related to music is the youtube app which is just the same  as the rest just with more uses.

for the fourth question i guess the engadget’s purpose is to  keep us up on our toes in the electronics industry.  Its strictly news on smartphones and others like it  can help us in comparing our phones to what others are like and help us find ways to better our own phones in the process. well thats my answers and thats what im stickin to

One reply on “If I had a Dollar for every question you asked I’d have….1…..2……3….4…5…6… 6 dollars!!!!!!!!!”

Engadget features more than just information about smartphones. I encourage you to look and explore a bit more thoroughly….

Feel free to update your blog when you are ready….



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