A few apps

Of the apps I’ve downloaded so far, one of the most frustrating would be the spades app, especially if you’re an experienced player. While the app does simulate the game pretty well, and you get to pick your computer opponents’ skill level, your computer teammate doesn’t exactly have the best judgement. Instead of trying to win the game, the computer focuses more on winning the current “book” than the actual game, (even going as far as beating you out). One more annoying thing about it is that the scoreboard is placed right over the card area, so you’re unable to completely tell what card your partner plays unless, you turn your device sideways (but then you’re unable to see much of your own hand). I’m so glad it was free.

Two not so frustrating apps would be Free Runner, and Sniper. Free Runner is a game where there’s a running stick figure, and he is running into the direction of blocks that would hit him either at head or shin level. There are two buttons on the bottom of the screen, one to roll and one to duck, that control the character. It’s actually a pretty fun game.

Sniper is almost self explanatory. You’re playing the role of a sniper who’s taking out terrorists. You tap the screen to scope in on an area, and push the bullet button to shoot. When scoped in you tilt the phone to look around. Tap the screen anywhere but the bullets and bullet button and you zoom out. The game is much more fun than Free Runner, and definitely not as one-sided as Spades.

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