Boys High School Students

5th Day at Class

Todays class was good. We went over concepts that we went over in previous classes. We learned about blogging and how to use the WordPress website to login and to submit blogs. We were given a possible reason as to why Alice wasn’t working on some of the computers. We were given an assignment to find out how did Haiku relate to our classes. This is what I came up with, “I think I know how it relates to class. In a haiku poem, there is a set guideline or way to write the poem. In programming, there is also a set way to write the program. So in a way, programming is like poetry. Both programmers and poets have to “create” what they want their peice to do, but have to do so within the confinements of the language(haiku, java, alice, etc.), and they use creativity to do so.” We came up with I’m looking forward to next class.

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